Monday, February 10, 2014

This Blog Will No Longer Be Updated, But Look For My Kinky Humiliation Curating On Tumblr

Yeah, blogs are kinda going the way of #YOLO and twerking. It's all about the Tumblr now. You can check mine out here. It usually gets updated on the daily, and sometimes on the hour. You can also chat me up on Yahoo IM at jasereraser10. You can also e-mail me submissions, requests, ideas, recipes, and pics of yourself tied and gagged, stuck in a humiliating costume, or getting spanked and wedgied to Thanks for checking this blog out. I will leave it up, but come see me on Tumblr!

Humiliated Guyz on Tumblr.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Finally! A reason to post! Dudes giving themselves wedgies via forklifts in spandex underwear!

I know. I suck at posting. Hopefully, you've been enjoying my Tumblr in the meantime. I found this vid on someone else's Tumblr and LOVED it. Two Spanish dudes are encouraged by a group of ladies to don spandex underwear and allow themselves to be turbo-wedgied/thonged by a mini-forklift. Love how the underwear either forms around their asses skintight or roughly intrudes on their bumcracks. Yeowch. Huzzah!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Telekinesis Is Not A Ballet Dancer's Friend

Chevy Chase did this ridic movie in 1981 called Modern Problems. He played a schlub who gets bathed in nuclear waste and develops telekinesis. He uses this power to help humanity. No, actually he uses it to do dumb sex comedy things to his co-stars. Chevy Chase is kinda loathsome in whatever he appears in, and he's also loathsome in real life it seems. Dick.

Anyway, one sequence I remember liking as a kid has Chase humiliating the male dancer during the ballet. I always loved the image of the hapless dude skidding across the floor in his tights to land all slapstick in the orchestra pit. Then there's the little (not exactly) problem with his nylons.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Footie Pajama Bondage

You don't read THAT post title often, do ya? Whilst cruising XTube (I saw you there, don't front), I came upon user Sharkbaby. His kink is being rendered helpless and infantilized in snug footie PJs. I like the idea of a grown man reduced to a baby-like state, and then unable to wiggle out of it due to some creative theme bondage. I also liked that this was a nice alternative to putting a dude in a diaper. I love that imagery - a guy in a big puffy diaper making him waddle, etc. I just can't go there to when the guy has to use it. Humiliating gear, yes. The other stuff - not for me. This pajama game is a fun variant and there's no worries that he's smelly.

Enough about me. Those pink PJs are cute. And the phrase "punishment pajamas" made me stiff for some reason.

Check out Sharkbaby's pics after the break.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Greatest Underwear Commercial Of All Time

Andrew Christian is an underwear brand aimed at gay men. They release a video pretty much every month to sell their wares. This one ("Locker Room Payback") came out a couple of months ago. I just saw it, and now it's on the Humiliated Guyz wank list. #1 with a bullet! Here's why:

 1) It's set in an alternate universe where jocks wear buttless underwear and are all casual about it.

 2) Guys get carried around by bigger guys like sacks of potatoes.

 3) There is much butt slapping.

 4) Hazed and bullied guys cling to each other as they are stripped to their grunts and showered against their will.

 5) One guy has to shave a jock's big bum, and gets a condescending pat on the cheek.

 6) There is a jockstrap wedgie.

 7) It ends with three dorks stuck together in a laundry cart and unable to get out.

 There are many more little details that make this the GREATEST UNDERWEAR COMMERCIAL OF ALL TIME, but I will let you discover those for yourself.

Watch it after the break!